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Our company was founded in Busto Arsizio in 1920 and has been operating in the Jacquard textile industry ever since.

Thanks to its resolute founders and to a highly dynamic staff, the company enjoyed a constant growth, pursuing the most advanced technology at all times. Profitable growth also triggered constant customer satisfaction.

And satisfied customers - whether old or new ones - have always established fruitful co-operation, going beyond the traditional supplier/customer relationship.

We believe that Vitality, Versatily and a Higher Quality Service are the keys to success for a modern service company, especially for future archievements.

A high quality service

At present, our company offers a variety of services, some belong to the traditional product range of the company, other have been recently developed to meet the new requirements of the modern textile industry:

Pattern design and development, and patterns for card punching using advanced CAD systems.

Jacquard pattern punching using: endless pattern paper Jacquard-machine card (Vincenzi 1320, 400, 800)

Patterns can be stored on floppy disk for all types of electronic Jacquard machines, including the following:

  • Staubli system
  • Bonas system
  • Grosse system
  • Müller system
  • Schleicher system

Jacquard pattern copying from paper/electronical medium to paper/electronical medium

Maintenance, repair or modifications on paper or electronical medium, with direct supervision of the weaving process from a dedicated department.

Colour diversification for Jacquard fabrics using CAD systems.

Permanent pattern recording: research and analysis of fashion trends classified by market segment.

Design and development of any kind of Jacquard harness in a dedicated department.

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